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11 designers in search of⬤⬤⬤

Katie-May Arndt
⬤⬤⬤Textile as Image: Meaning, Materiality, and the Senses in Fashion Media
⬤⬤⬤Designing for (Post-) Truth:The impact of design on the critical assessment of online news content
juliette duhe
⬤⬤⬤Screen Escape
Avalon Dune O’Henley
⬤⬤⬤Transit tales: documenting gendered oral histories of public space through stop-motion and poetics
Olivia Falduto
⬤⬤⬤Sparking Conversations: A Project Promoting Human Connections and Wellness
Alexandre Franchi
⬤⬤⬤Quest for Communitas (a.k.a. Petit Drôle)
⬤⬤⬤Sustainable design pattern library
Sara Kariminejad
⬤⬤⬤The lively, healing, and Intergenerational space in older adult care homes’ courtyard: joyful older adults and children
Caeleigh Lightning
⬤⬤⬤Avatar Creeation: Digital Dress-up Dolls & Indigenous Fashion
Mahla Mohammad Nia
⬤⬤⬤The conceptual design for the Eco-Tech Pavilion in Nordicity with a focus on improving socio-environmental sustainability in Montreal
Don Undeen
⬤⬤⬤The Login Log



The 2023 Master of Design Research-Creation Exhibition is a multidisciplinary event where 11 graduating students of design will expose their critical inquiries into practical and theoretical topics through practice-based academic research. The 11 projects, which range across the built environment, visual communication, critical materiality, interaction, game, and web design each pose questions about the world around us, and the role of design in shaping the future.The exhibition, taking place from April 27th to May 4th at Concordia University’s 4th Space, and EV Building, will offer a platform for students to expose their research to the wider Concordia University student, faculty, and public community. Several projects will include an element of community engagement, whether through skill sharing and hands-on workshops, panel discussions with experts in the field of design, or interactive participatory performances and events. Through the connections between projects and the public, design and research-creation will be activated and engaged with as a community, ultimately creating opportunities for students to apply their research within a wider setting while simultaneously exposing the public to design and research-creation practice.

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